In-Context Coaching™

In-Context Coaching™ blends the operational needs of the organization with the development and performance needs of the individual. The emphasis is on assisting individuals, in the context of actual work situations, to leverage innate strengths to achieve business and personal goals. We bring years of business experience in management, line and consulting positions in a broad range of industries, as well as extensive knowledge of the principles of organizational development, adult learning, and group dynamics. We support all organizational levels, from senior executives to individual contributors.

Our Approach

The power of In-Context Coaching™ lies in our ability to assess and address (1) the development needs of the individual, (2) the performance needs of the work environment and (3) the relationship between the two, with an eye to creating sustainable results. The heart of our approach lies in providing concrete feedback to the individual. We have found that the most significant changes often occur when individuals clearly understand how others perceive them in specific work contexts. This self-awareness sets the stage for new ways to think about and approach any challenging situation.

Coaching Process

The content of the coaching process is always customized to meet the needs of the individual and the organization. The general process consists of the following:

  • Explore the business context for the coaching request
  • Determine performance and behavioral objectives and define scope of the coaching
  • Assess strengths and challenges, through 360 instrument / interviews/ job-shadowing
  • Provide feedback, as concrete and specific as possible
  • Set goals based on: realities of the business context; feedback; performance and development objectives
  • Establish measures for success and create an action plan
  • Implement the plan, experimenting and practicing with new behaviors
  • Check progress against goals at mid-point, modifying the process if necessary
  • Assess results against measures and plan for future focus and support