We focus on the business needs of our clients - What is stopping them from achieving their operational objectives? What needs to be done to develop plans for the future? Our support is tailored to the specific and unique needs of the client to make strategic operations a reality.

There are three key elements to make strategic operations a reality.

Development of a Strategic Plan

We plan and facilitate sessions designed to ensure that corporate goals are clearly defined, shared and used as the basis for "cascading" goal setting throughout the organization, ensuring integrity between divisional goals and inter-divisional support of goals. "You can’t get there if you don’t know where you are going."

Business Process Design

When the work processes are not quite getting the job done, and individuals are saying, "I really don’t know how it all works; I just do my part and hand the results off to the next guy," it is usually time to step back and look at the whole picture. Many organizations do not have a handle on how business work processes occur and therefore cannot realistically decide their effectiveness or efficiency. This lack of understanding may be a result of changes made over the years, turnover in key personnel or never looking at work processes in a systemic way. Today, to stay competitive, many organizations are realizing that they must develop and execute business work processes that are truly cross-functional, understood by all involved and systemic in both their planning and execution. We provide tools and techniques in work process design and mapping.

Team development

People make the plans an operational reality. Effective teamwork is an ongoing process that requires attention throughout the life of the team. Too often teams struggle with "WHAT are we going to do?" and "HOW are we going to do it?" without first understanding the "WHO" issues - the interpersonal dynamics that underlie, and can undermine, team interactions. As a result, the ability to effectively set goals, communicate, problem-solve and resolve conflicts is difficult, if not impossible, and ultimately the team fails to achieve its purpose. We present concepts, tools, exercises, observations and feedback to groups striving to become teams.