Who We Are

Janus Consulting was founded in 1995 to provide assistance to organizations who are striving to improve or reinvent themselves in some way. With years of line and staff experience, we have a very practical and realistic approach. We know that success in any kind of organization always comes from doing some very basic things right.

Simply put, long term success requires clearly defined and understood customer focused goals and objectives, cross-functional work processes, and individual roles and responsibilities. This can be accomplished best where people have the interpersonal skills necessary to work together effectively, an understanding of change, and continuous personal development.

Janus Consulting is dedicated to helping organizations achieve these basics of success.

Our Approach

One on one coaching assists individuals to make needed changes
We encourage active and broad client participation.
Consulting and training is done within the context of day to day work realities.
We adapt to our clients' existing mode of operation.
We do not give answers but assist clients in arriving at them.
We bring extensive experience in line and staff positions to our consulting and training.
We use tools and techniques that enable creative thinking.